Lucky 15 Tips For Spain vs France 9th July 24 8.00pm

Selections for Lucky 15 Bet

  1. Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – Yes
    • Reasoning: Both Spain and France have potent attacking units. In their last encounter, both teams scored, with the match ending 2-1 to France. Considering their attacking styles and recent form, it is likely both teams will find the net again​.
  2. Total Goals Over 2.5
    • Reasoning: The matches between these two teams often see goals. Their recent game had three goals, and with players like Mbappé, Benzema, and Oyarzabal in form, another high-scoring match is expected​​.
  3. Kylian Mbappé to Score Anytime
    • Reasoning: Mbappé has been in excellent form for France and scored the winning goal in their last meeting. His pace and skill are likely to trouble the Spanish defence again​​.
  4. Karim Benzema to Assist
    • Reasoning: Benzema’s playmaking ability has been crucial for France. In the last match, he provided significant attacking contributions, and his partnership with Mbappé is likely to yield assists​.

How The Lucky 15 Bets for Spain vs France Might Look

  1. Single Bets (4 Bets)
    • Bet 1: Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – Yes
    • Bet 2: Total Goals Over 2.5
    • Bet 3: Kylian Mbappé to Score Anytime
    • Bet 4: Karim Benzema to Assist
  2. Double Bets (6 Bets)
    • Bet 5: BTTS + Total Goals Over 2.5
    • Bet 6: BTTS + Mbappé to Score Anytime
    • Bet 7: BTTS + Benzema to Assist
    • Bet 8: Total Goals Over 2.5 + Mbappé to Score Anytime
    • Bet 9: Total Goals Over 2.5 + Benzema to Assist
    • Bet 10: Mbappé to Score Anytime + Benzema to Assist
  3. Treble Bets (4 Bets)
    • Bet 11: BTTS + Total Goals Over 2.5 + Mbappé to Score Anytime
    • Bet 12: BTTS + Total Goals Over 2.5 + Benzema to Assist
    • Bet 13: BTTS + Mbappé to Score Anytime + Benzema to Assist
    • Bet 14: Total Goals Over 2.5 + Mbappé to Score Anytime + Benzema to Assist
  4. Four-fold Accumulator (1 Bet)
    • Bet 15: BTTS + Total Goals Over 2.5 + Mbappé to Score Anytime + Benzema to Assist

History of Outcomes Between Spain vs France

Overview of Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches: 36
  • Spain Wins: 16
  • France Wins: 13
  • Draws: 7

Key Historical Matches

  1. Early Encounters
    • 30 April 1922: France 0-4 Spain (Friendly)
    • 28 January 1923: Spain 3-0 France (Friendly)
    • 14 April 1929: Spain 8-1 France (Friendly)
    • Analysis: Early matches were dominated by Spain, often winning by significant margins. This period reflects Spain’s strong footballing pedigree from the outset.
  2. Mid-20th Century
    • 17 December 1959: France 4-3 Spain (Friendly)
    • 8 November 1978: France 1-0 Spain (Friendly)
    • Analysis: The mid-20th century saw a more balanced competition, with France starting to assert itself more effectively, securing key victories.
  3. Competitive Matches in Major Tournaments
    • 27 June 1984: France 2-0 Spain (UEFA European Championship)
    • 27 June 2006: France 3-1 Spain (FIFA World Cup)
    • 23 June 2012: Spain 2-0 France (UEFA European Championship)
    • Analysis: In major tournament settings, both teams have had their moments. France’s victory in the 1984 European Championship and the 2006 World Cup highlighted their capability to win in high-stakes matches. However, Spain’s victory in the 2012 European Championship underscored their dominance during their golden era.
  4. Recent Encounters
    • 10 October 2021: Spain 1-2 France (UEFA Nations League Final)
      • Key Events: Spain took the lead through Mikel Oyarzabal, but France quickly responded with goals from Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé. The match was notable for its high intensity and the controversial winning goal by Mbappé​​.
    • Analysis: The recent matches indicate a highly competitive rivalry, with France demonstrating resilience and tactical nous to secure victories.

Tactical and Form Analysis


  • Strengths:
    • Possession-Based Play: Spain is known for their tiki-taka style, focusing on short passes and maintaining possession.
    • Youthful Talent: Players like Pedri and Gavi bring energy and creativity to the midfield.
    • Key Players: Sergio Busquets (experience and leadership), Ferran Torres (attacking prowess).
  • Weaknesses:
    • Defensive Vulnerabilities: Can be exposed by fast counter-attacks.
    • Finishing: Sometimes struggle to convert possession into goals.


  • Strengths:
    • Counter-Attacking: Strong in transitions, utilizing the pace of Mbappé and the creativity of Benzema.
    • Physicality and Depth: Robust squad with depth in all positions.
    • Key Players: Kylian Mbappé (pace and finishing), Karim Benzema (experience and playmaking), Hugo Lloris (goalkeeping).
  • Weaknesses:
    • Midfield Control: Occasionally lose control in the midfield, especially against possession-heavy teams like Spain.
    • Defensive Mistakes: Susceptible to lapses in concentration, leading to goals conceded.

Historical Trends and Implications

  1. Goals and Scoring Patterns:
    • Matches between Spain and France often involve goals from both sides, with recent games averaging over 2.5 goals.
    • Both teams have strong attacking options, making the “Both Teams to Score” and “Over 2.5 Goals” bets attractive.
  2. Key Players’ Influence:
    • Players like Mbappé and Benzema for France, and Oyarzabal and Busquets for Spain, have had significant impacts in past matches. Their performances often dictate the outcome.
  3. Recent Form:
    • France’s recent form, especially in the Nations League, shows resilience and the ability to perform under pressure. Spain’s youthful squad is dynamic but sometimes inconsistent against top-tier teams.

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