Lucky 15 Tips UK Horse Racing 4th July 2024

Lucky 15 Tip Selection UK Horse Racing

Here are the four horses chosen for the Lucky 15 bets for 4th July 2024:

  1. Well Planted (FR)
    • Race: Perth
    • Trainer: R M Smith
    • Jockey: G Sheehan
    • Official Rating (OR): 135.0
    • Form Figures (FFigs): 52341/2
    • Draw: N/A
    • Days Since Last Run: 14
    • Age: 6
    • Recent Performance: 21
    • Trainer Performance: R M Smith is recognized for his meticulous training methods and ability to get the best out of his horses.
    • Jockey Performance: G Sheehan is a highly regarded jockey, known for his tactical riding and ability to navigate challenging races effectively.
    • Analysis: Well Planted (FR) benefits from the skilled training of R M Smith and the experienced riding of G Sheehan. The horse’s solid recent performance and balanced ratings make it a strong contender for the race at Perth.
  2. Simply Sondheim
    • Race: Kempton
    • Trainer: George Baker
    • Jockey: P Cosgrave
    • Official Rating (OR): 122.0
    • Form Figures (FFigs): 1234-21
    • Draw: 3
    • Days Since Last Run: 21
    • Age: 5
    • Recent Performance: 14
    • Trainer Performance: George Baker is known for his strategic approach to training and ability to maintain his horses’ peak condition.
    • Jockey Performance: P Cosgrave is respected for his consistency and strong finishing ability, often making decisive moves at critical moments in races.
    • Analysis: Simply Sondheim, trained by George Baker and ridden by P Cosgrave, showcases a solid recent form and balanced ratings. This horse is well-prepared for a competitive race at Kempton.
  3. Jered Maddox
    • Race: Bellewstown
    • Trainer: D Marnane
    • Jockey: L T McAteer
    • Official Rating (OR): 113.0
    • Form Figures (FFigs): 445-957
    • Draw: 2
    • Days Since Last Run: 30
    • Age: 7
    • Recent Performance: 12
    • Trainer Performance: D Marnane has a track record of preparing horses that perform well in competitive fields, utilising his extensive experience.
    • Jockey Performance: L T McAteer is an emerging talent known for his aggressive riding style and ability to push horses to their limits.
    • Analysis: Jered Maddox, trained by D Marnane and ridden by L T McAteer, demonstrates consistent performance and strong ratings. The horse’s preparation and recent form make it a valuable selection for the race at Bellewstown.
  4. Winter Fog
    • Race: Tipperary
    • Trainer: W P Mullins
    • Jockey: B Hayes
    • Official Rating (OR): 147.0
    • Form Figures (FFigs): 52141-4
    • Draw: N/A
    • Days Since Last Run: 38
    • Age: 10
    • Recent Performance: 17
    • Trainer Performance: W P Mullins is renowned for his exceptional training capabilities and consistent success in major races.
    • Jockey Performance: B Hayes is known for his reliable performance and skill in handling high-pressure situations.
    • Analysis: Winter Fog is backed by the exceptional training capabilities of W P Mullins and the reliable performance of jockey B Hayes. The horse’s consistent recent form and high ratings add to its potential for a strong race.

How The Lucky 15 Bets Might Look From The Tips

Singles (4 Bets)

  • Well Planted (FR) to win at Perth
  • Simply Sondheim to win at Kempton
  • Jered Maddox to win at Bellewstown
  • Winter Fog to win at Tipperary

Doubles (6 Bets)

  • Well Planted (FR) / Simply Sondheim
  • Well Planted (FR) / Jered Maddox
  • Well Planted (FR) / Winter Fog
  • Simply Sondheim / Jered Maddox
  • Simply Sondheim / Winter Fog
  • Jered Maddox / Winter Fog

Trebles (4 Bets)

  • Well Planted (FR) / Simply Sondheim / Jered Maddox
  • Well Planted (FR) / Simply Sondheim / Winter Fog
  • Well Planted (FR) / Jered Maddox / Winter Fog
  • Simply Sondheim / Jered Maddox / Winter Fog

Four-Fold Accumulator (1 Bet)

  • Well Planted (FR) / Simply Sondheim / Jered Maddox / Winter Fog

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