Lucky 15 Tips UK Horse Racing 5th July 2024

Lucky 15 Tip Selection UK Horse Racing

Here are the four horses chosen for the Lucky 15 bets for 5th July 2024:

  1. Race: Beverley
    Horse: Bacor
    Trainer: G Boughey
    Jockey: P Cosgrave
    Metrics: Form Figures: 531, Draw: (2), Days since last run: 16
    Reasoning: Bacor, trained by George Boughey, shows strong recent form figures (531). Jockey P Cosgrave is experienced, and the favorable draw (2) along with a recent run 16 days ago suggests Bacor is in peak condition.
  2. Race: Doncaster
    Horse: Beylerbeyi
    Trainer: Ian Williams
    Jockey: R Kingscote
    Metrics: Form Figures: 252311, Draw: (4), Days since last run: 7, Course and Distance: CD
    Reasoning: Beylerbeyi has shown excellent recent form and has a Course and Distance win. Trainer Ian Williams and jockey R Kingscote are a strong combination. The favorable draw and recent race 7 days ago indicate peak form.
  3. Race: Doncaster
    Horse: Hardy Bloke (FR)
    Trainer: B Ellison
    Jockey: Ben Robinson
    Metrics: Form Figures: 3242, Draw: (6), Days since last run: 15
    Reasoning: Hardy Bloke (FR) shows consistent form figures and good recent performance. Trainer Brian Ellison and jockey Ben Robinson make a reliable team. The recent run 15 days ago suggests good fitness and competitiveness.
  4. Race: Sandown
    Horse: Vellner
    Trainer: B J Llewellyn
    Jockey: Miss Jessica Llewellyn
    Metrics: Form Figures: 950125, Draw: (3), Days since last run: 21
    Reasoning: Vellner, with decent form figures and a favorable draw, is trained and ridden by the Llewellyn team. The recent performance 21 days ago indicates readiness for a strong race.

How The Lucky 15 Bets Might Look From The Tips

Singles (4 bets):

  1. Bacor (Beverley)
  2. Beylerbeyi (Doncaster)
  3. Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster)
  4. Vellner (Sandown)

Doubles (6 bets):

  1. Bacor (Beverley) & Beylerbeyi (Doncaster)
  2. Bacor (Beverley) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster)
  3. Bacor (Beverley) & Vellner (Sandown)
  4. Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster)
  5. Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)
  6. Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)

Trebles (4 bets):

  1. Bacor (Beverley) & Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster)
  2. Bacor (Beverley) & Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)
  3. Bacor (Beverley) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)
  4. Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)

Four-fold Accumulator (1 bet):

  1. Bacor (Beverley) & Beylerbeyi (Doncaster) & Hardy Bloke (FR) (Doncaster) & Vellner (Sandown)

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