Lucky 15 Tips UK Horse Racing 8th July 2024

Lucky 15 Tip Selection UK Horse Racing

Here are the four horses chosen for the Lucky 15 bets for 8th July 2024:

1. That Lucas Fella

  • Trainer: I Jardine
    • Background: I Jardine is known for training horses that perform well in various conditions. With a decent number of entries, this trainer has demonstrated capability and consistency.
  • Jockey: A Mullen
    • Background: A Mullen has a solid track record and experience, making him a reliable choice for riding a promising young horse.
  • Horse Details:
    • Race ID: 1 (Ayr)
    • Age: 2
    • Weight: 9-5
    • Other Metrics: This horse’s age and weight are well within the competitive range, providing a good balance for performance.

2. Kaleosun (FR)

  • Trainer: G Elliott
    • Background: G Elliott is one of the top trainers with numerous successes. His horses often perform well due to his extensive training regime and expertise.
  • Jockey: Sam Ewing
    • Background: Sam Ewing is a proficient jockey with multiple rides for Elliott, indicating a strong trainer-jockey partnership. His skill set is well-suited for handling higher-weight races.
  • Horse Details:
    • Race ID: 28 (Roscommon)
    • Age: 6
    • Weight: 10-13
    • Official Rating: 116
    • Recent Form Figures: 150P-79. This indicates a mix of strong performances with some inconsistencies, making it a calculated risk.

3. Someone’s Wish

  • Trainer: G Elliott
    • Background: As mentioned, G Elliott’s training methods are highly regarded, and he has a reputation for preparing horses well for a variety of races.
  • Jockey: Sam Ewing
    • Background: The strong partnership between Sam Ewing and G Elliott continues with this selection. Ewing’s consistent performance makes him a reliable jockey for this horse.
  • Horse Details:
    • Race ID: 32 (Roscommon)
    • Age: 4
    • Weight: 11-5
    • Official Rating: 97
    • Recent Form Figures: 005-024. The horse has shown potential in recent races, and with Ewing’s guidance, it can capitalize on its abilities.

4. Eternal Sunshine

  • Trainer: J S Goldie
    • Background: J S Goldie has a reputation for getting the best out of his horses, particularly in competitive fields. His experience and success rate make him a reliable trainer.
  • Jockey: P Mulrennan
    • Background: P Mulrennan is an experienced jockey who has a history of delivering strong performances. His familiarity with Goldie’s training style is an added advantage.
  • Horse Details:
    • Race ID: 6 (Ayr)
    • Age: 4
    • Weight: 9-4
    • Official Rating: 52
    • Recent Form Figures: 466-041. The horse is showing an upward trend in performance, indicating good form and readiness for the race.

How The Lucky 15 Bets Might Look From The Tips

Single Bets

  1. Single on That Lucas Fella (Race ID: 1 Ayr)
  2. Single on Kaleosun (FR) (Race ID: 28 Roscommon)
  3. Single on Someone’s Wish (Race ID: 32 Roscommon)
  4. Single on Eternal Sunshine (Race ID: 6 Ayr)

Double Bets

  1. Double on That Lucas Fella and Kaleosun (FR)
  2. Double on That Lucas Fella and Someone’s Wish
  3. Double on That Lucas Fella and Eternal Sunshine
  4. Double on Kaleosun (FR) and Someone’s Wish
  5. Double on Kaleosun (FR) and Eternal Sunshine
  6. Double on Someone’s Wish and Eternal Sunshine

Treble Bets

  1. Treble on That Lucas Fella, Kaleosun (FR), and Someone’s Wish
  2. Treble on That Lucas Fella, Kaleosun (FR), and Eternal Sunshine
  3. Treble on That Lucas Fella, Someone’s Wish, and Eternal Sunshine
  4. Treble on Kaleosun (FR), Someone’s Wish, and Eternal Sunshine

Fourfold Accumulator

  1. Fourfold accumulator on That Lucas Fella, Kaleosun (FR), Someone’s Wish, and Eternal Sunshine

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