What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet is a popular combination bet in sports betting, especially horse racing but can be used for any bet that allow for 15 combinations of outcome. The Lucky 15 involves 15 separate bets across four selections. Here’s an in-depth breakdown:


A Lucky 15 consists of:

4 Singles: One bet on each of the four selections.
6 Doubles: Each possible pair combination of the four selections.
4 Trebles: Each possible triple combination of the four selections.
1 Fourfold Accumulator: One bet on all four selections.

Example of a Lucky 15

Assume you choose four horses:

Horse A
Horse B
Horse C
Horse D

The Lucky 15 bet would be:

4 Singles: A, B, C, D
6 Doubles: AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD
4 Trebles: ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD
1 Fourfold Accumulator: ABCD

Calculating the Cost of a Lucky 15

Total Bets: 15

Stake: If you bet £1 per selection, the total cost is £15.

Potential Returns of Lucky 15

One Winner: Even a single winning selection returns a payout.

Multiple Winners: The more selections that win, the higher the returns. All four selections winning yields the highest payout through the fourfold accumulator.


Higher Chance of Returns: Multiple combinations mean a higher chance of getting some return.

Potential for High Payouts: Significant returns if all selections win.

Bonuses: Some bookmakers offer bonuses for all winning selections or one winning selection.


Higher Initial Cost: More expensive than a single or basic accumulator bet.

Complexity: Managing and understanding the combinations can be challenging for beginners.

Strategy and Tips

Selection Choice: Carefully choose selections with a reasonable chance of winning.

Stake Management: Be mindful of the higher total stake and manage your betting budget accordingly.

Bookmaker Offers: Look for bookmakers that provide bonuses or enhanced odds for Lucky 15 bets.

Practical Example

Let’s say you pick the following horses:

Horse A: 3/1 odds
Horse B: 5/1 odds
Horse C: 2/1 odds
Horse D: 4/1 odds

If Horse A wins, you get a return on your single bet for Horse A. If Horses A and B win, you get returns on two singles and one double. If Horses A, B, and C win, you get returns on three singles, three doubles, and one treble. If all four horses win, you get returns on all singles, all doubles, all trebles, and the fourfold accumulator, resulting in a significant payout.

A Lucky 15 bet is a versatile and potentially rewarding betting option that combines multiple bets into one package, increasing the chances of a return while offering the potential for substantial winnings if all selections are successful. It’s a favourite among bettors for its balance of risk and reward, making it a staple in sports betting strategies.

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